(8) Clayton T.
Wed, 27 March 2013 15:25:18 +0000

I took the CHL clas and it was very informative . i learn alot that i did not know and would recommend everyone i know to take the class .

(7) Melinda Fiscus
Tue, 5 March 2013 22:33:32 +0000

Larrys class was allot of fun. He's a wonderful instructor. Very organized and highly experienced. Larry included helpful short videos to illustrate his points. He teaches valuable lessons on gun safety and he's the most patient instructor you will ever meet. I learned a lot in Larrys class as well as the shooting range. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting a license to own or carry.

(6) Mark Brooks
Fri, 1 March 2013 23:23:15 +0000

I took the CHL Class along with my wife and daughter. Larry kept the class very informative and interesting. He is also very patient. We all agree that it was a valuable experience. I recommend Larry's class for all.

(5) Sharon Ward
Fri, 1 March 2013 18:59:47 +0000

About four months ago, I received a Groupon for a discounted Texas CHL Renewal class. It seemed like a great deal, so I called my brother-in-law to see if he had taken his class. I told him how much the class would cost and he thought it was a good deal as well. Before we signed up, my brother in law got back in touch with his friend, Larry Tally and found out that Larry was teaching Texas CHL renewal classes. We decided to both sign up for Larry's class. His fee was even better than the Groupon fee that I received! As an instructor, Larry was engaging. (My first class was really boring and seemed to have lasted for days even though it was only one day!!!) My experience both in class and at the shooting range was exceptionally enjoyable. Larry is a fine man with solid Christian and patriotic beliefs and I admire both those qualities! He was knowledgeable and articulate, presenting the material with ease to the class. He was patient and assisted those who were uneasy at the shooting range. Our class even enjoyed a few of Larry's humorous anecdotes and video clips in between sessionsctGZ4. I would highly recommend Larry's class to anyone needing their certification, especially for first timers.

(4) Bill Bowling
Thu, 28 February 2013 19:36:55 +0000

Several family members and friends attended a CHL class presented by Larry. Because we had several people interested he went out of his way to help us out. He came to Roxton Texas and gave the class! The class was long but Larry made it fun and enjoyable with short video clips and stories. The class was pleasurable and informative. Larry made sure to stress all the most important things, he went over the material to ensure everybody understood, and answered all the questions we had. Everybody passed the test with flying colors. I would, recommend Larry's class to anyone interested in obtaining a CHL whether they are experienced with a handgun or not.

(3) Sheila Skelton
Thu, 28 February 2013 19:32:16 +0000

I thoroughly enjoyed Larry's class. Larry's background and experience makes him a natural fit to teach. It was the first time I'd ever gone through a CHL class and Larry's laid-back but thorough teaching style made it easy to learn and retain the information. I only missed one on the test and that was because it was a trick question - so pay attention!

If you're considering taking a CHL class I highly recommend Larry's class!

(2) Kendale Ward
Wed, 27 February 2013 20:38:12 +0000

I had a few months before my CHL was going to expire and I had gone online to find a renewal class close to home. I really wanted to take the class from someone I knew or from someone that had been recommended to me. Fortunately, I got back in touch with Larry Tally, my good friend from high school. I was thrilled when Larry told me he was a CHL instructor. I'd hunted and fished with Larry on many occasions and knew I could trust him to teach a good class. Larry did an outstanding job teaching the class and answering questions. He took his time to make sure everyone was following what he was teaching. Larry's delivery kept the class exciting and even at times he showed light hearted video clips to keep things moving. I would recommend Larry and his CHL class without reservation. Take a look at his Bio. This is the guy you want teaching you!

(1) Edward Tompkins
Wed, 27 February 2013 18:03:37 +0000

For numerous years I have considered the possibility of obtaining a CHL in my state of Texas. I was always hesitant due to my desire to have a good understanding of just who was teaching me the state policies and gun safety on something that could easily change my life at some point in time. While I always pray that day doesn't come, I still want to have the best preparation possible. When I found out that Larry Tally was teaching classes, I knew I had waited for the right time and place. Larry is a very compassionate Christiam man whom I trust greatly and had no doubt that I would receive the best training possible. My wife and I enrolled in one of his Saturday sessions and while my wife was very tentative about the entire process and most especially the range qualification part, Larry was very calm and patient with her and made her very comfortable with the whole training. We are both currenting waiting for our license approval from Austin and couldn't be more pleased with the whole experience. I will not hesitate to recommend Larry's CHL class to any of my friends and acquaintances.

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